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Rugged Mobile Computer
General Dynamics Itronix has been a world-leading developer of wireless rugged mobile computing solutions for nearly two decades. They serve both government and industry customers with enhanced focus, around the globe. With award winning services, wireless integration expertise, and a comprehensive offering, rugged and mobile deployable devices designed from the ground up, we invite you to ...experience the General Dynamics Itronix Difference!  
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 GoBook Series  
GoBook XR-1 GoBook® VR-1 GoBook® Q-200



GoBook XR-1
The GoBook® XR-1 features industry-leading wireless performance and rugged features developed specifically for the needs of the real-world user. Whether used in torrential rains or dropped in a utility trench, or exposed to anthrax or other biotech agent from a terrorist attack, GD-Itronix GoBook Series notebooks perform on-site to meet the challenging computing environments of workers in the field.

GoBook VR-1
Launched in September 2005, the semi-rugged notebook from GD-Itronix sets a tough new standard for this product class. go to vr-1 online websiteTough, Powerful, Ergonomic and Multi-Wireless, the GoBook VR-1 has many of the feature sets, and physical attributes common to GD-Itronix's fully rugged product offerings. Built to withstand the vibration, temperature extremes (up to 140°F), bumps, shocks, and occasional spills that mobile computer users encounter daily, the GD-Itronix semi-rugged GoBook VR-1 notebook was developed to meet the needs of the mobile-office industrial users.

GoBook® Q-200
The GoBook Q-200 is an ultra-rugged handheld ideal for mobile workforces that operate in demanding, mission-critical environments. The Q-200 is the most rugged handheld available anywhere!
Mobility XE® Mobility XE enables standard IP-based applications to be deployed in wireless and mixed network environments. It brings "firewall security" and enterprise-class scalability to wireless communications, and keeps workers seamlessly connected from LAN to WAN to wireless WAN.
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