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GoBook VR-1
With its industry leading innovations, the GoBook VR-1 is the platform to make mission-critical mobile workers more productive. Coupled with Mobility XE™ the GoBook VR-1 can also offer seamless IP roaming, enabling the user to stay securely connected when traveling between subnets or different network types, whether wireline or wireless.

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the new semi-rugged notebook from GD-Itronix sets a tough new standard for this product class. Tough, Powerful, Ergonomic and Multi-Wireless, the GoBook VR-1 has many of the feature sets, and physical attributes common to GD-Itronix's fully rugged product offerings. Built to withstand the vibration, temperature extremes (up to 140°F), bumps, shocks, and occasional spills that mobile computer users encounter daily, the GD-Itronix semi-rugged GoBook VR-1 notebook was developed to meet the needs of both mobile-office industrial users, as well professional "road warriors"  whose notebook must reliably endure the tumultuous and often unpredictable conditions that come with using a notebook on the go. This vehicle-ready product lacks virtually nothing, including state of the art 1.86 GHz Intel Pentium M Centrino processor, up to 4 simultaneous radio options including GPS, 802.11a/b/g, GSM/GPRS/EDGE, or CDMA/1XRTT/1XEVDO.

Launched in September 2005, the all-new GD-Itronix GoBook® VR-1 sets a new standard for semi-rugged notebook computers. Quite simply, it's the toughest platform in today's semi-rugged notebook category. This go-everywhere computer combines:

 Rugged Durability, High-Performance Processing, Integrated Wireless,Ergonomic Design, Physical Security

into an attractive, high-value package. The GoBook VR-1 is more than the world's most advanced wireless semi-rugged mobile computer. It is proof of GD-Itronix's industry-leading legacy in the development, implementation and support of computing products and services that improve the productivity of mobile workers, worldwide.

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