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Who we are ?

AcceNet is a Network solution Provider located in Walnut, California. We provide technical solutions, consulting and integration services. Our clients range from small to mid-size businesses, as well as various local municipalities and educational facilities. We have established various partnerships including Microsoft, Cisco, Computer Associates, Veritas, Symantec, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Compaq and IBM.

In the past 15 years we have consistently met and exceeded our client's expectations in implementing technical solutions.

What we do ?

Our expanding portfolio of products and solutions includes the following:

  LAN WAN Integration
  Messaging and Groupware Solutions
  Network infrastructure
  Network Analysis, Management, Monitoring and Optimization
  Network Intrusion Detection, Protection and Security
  Redundant System and Disaster Recovery solutions
  Server Installation and Migration, Desktop Installation and Upgrades
  Storage Solution Systems from SAS, NAS to SANs
  Virtual Private Networks, Branch Office Connectivity
  Virus Protection for Portables, Desktops and Enterprise
  Wireless/Mobile Network solutions and Integration

How we do it ?

Partnership with the client
We take a partnership approach to providing solutions. Providing technology solutions is not just a financial transaction, often it is an opportunity for us to help clients improve use of their resources, expand business, secure their interest or just to remain competitive. As a partner, we value the trust that our clients have in us, to make the right recommendations, not because it fits our financial goal but simply because the client will benefit the most from it. As a partner, we often work around the client's limitation to fulfill their requirements. As a partner, we understand that our clients have their business to operate and depend on our expertise to resolve their IT needs. As a partner it is our mission to materialize just some of the many benefits of technology to our clients.

Understand the Client's Need
Clients are often left feeling that they are just one of many that the vendor has to answer to. Consultants are always on the rush, never taking the time to understand the true requirements of the client. We want to know the client's business so we can truly provide a solution that not only will suffice for today's needs but be a vehicle of growth. We never subscribe to the "one size fits all" mentality, each solution is tailored for their unique business, financial and IT environment. It is also important to understand that while the latest technology has its benefits it is not a pill for all occasions.

Communication with the Client
Communication is critical to any successful implementation of solutions. Communication not just to inform the client of our proposal and progress, but also to understand the expectation of the client. Clear and effective communication is crucial to avoid conflicts or issues that can jeopardize any technology implementation. Clear and effective communication is important for clients to understand the impact a solution can have on their business. Clear and effective communication are not just empty words, it is an expectation that our clients have come to rely on us.

Efficient and Focused Implementation
Too often solution providers are side tracked with various clients at a given time, this is a recipe for implementation failure. We take pride in having a focused approach. A focused implementation ensures the successful completion of project milestones. A focused implementation allows us to be efficient, this efficiency translates into fewer disturbances to the client's business, and it also translates into better use of their investments and commitments. It is with a focused approach resulting in an efficient implementation that we will fulfill the customer's expectations and goals.

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