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Outdoor Wireless System


Cardinal Industrial Finish's business was growing and so was the need for more space. They expanded to an office across the street from their main office, and required network connection to their Server farm. Even though the office was just across the street, last then a thousand feet away, as far as the network was concern it was a world away.
Traditional off the shelf outdoor wireless solutions were unreliable and slow, the signal would drop at different times of the day, and connection speed usually stay in the low 5 mpbs. Neither DSL nor Cable Internet services was available at the new office, they were left with using a dedicated T1 lease line as the only viable solution.


After the first site survey and cost analysis, client was convinced that the company could eliminate expensive recurring telecommunications costs and have better control over bandwidth availability by owning and operating its own wireless network. Client could manage cost and quickly incorporate new technologies With a sound, secure, standards-based wireless IP network. The solution we offered, based on Airaya products operates at a radio rate of up to 108 Mbps and is capable of providing up to 42 Mbps of TCP/IP bandwidth, and can communicate at distances up to 30 miles using lower modes of operation.

Designed for business-class point-to-point IP communication, Airays's WirelessGRID backhaul bridges utilize AIRAYA's exclusive bridging protocol, providing robust, reliable, and secure high-speed distribution of data, video, and voice traffic between 2 or more locations. After the deployment, the two building are now linked with high bandwidth and
secure wireless connection, futhermore the savings from monthly telecommunication fees would pay off the the solution in less than 6 months.


"We suffered through several months of issues and could not come up with a better solution until AcceNet suggested the Airaya product. The solution installed with ease and was up and running in a matter of minutes. We are now going across the street at 100mb and having absolutely no connection problems. I would highly recommend this solution for building to building communications."

  Kevin Greeley                     
IT Manager                         
Cardinal Industrial Finish
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