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Production Control System


One of our customer was using old DBASE for their production flow and inventory control purpose. For years they are searching for an affordable yet customizable solution for that purpose. They mentioned to Accenet about the problems and limitations they have from existing system and we answered with a new approach to the question.

We found the customer are in need of a new system that not only can be used internally but also can provide necessary information to the visiting vendors for specs searching and even bidding info. We approach this project with an Intranet solution, because no specific client software are needed as well as flexible design was demanded for quick future new function adoption.

Here is the screen shot for the system.

By selection different option the user will going to different pages to create/edit jobs or going to the Inventory page to edit or view inventory record. Since this is a system design for the customer, we will be able to add quite a few reporting function fitting to the management requirement without going to high end solution such as SQL plus Crystal report.

We incorporate a subsystem for create a new quotation for customer and then be able to print to a PDF file creator for e-mailing to customer.

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