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Inventory Control System


One customer has been having problems for inventory control which builds up over decades. They keep using the manual way to keep track of the items because there is a lot of different material for even same items and same items can have different Product ID due to the customer requirement. When they decide to move on to really have grip on the inventory status they ask Accenet to provide assistance.

First we sit with our customer to go through all the raw material flow and production processes, then we discuss the scope of this project as the number of users access and the budget issue. After a couple of times meetings we recommend use Microsoft SQL and Access VBA to be the solution because we can utilize the existing servers and programs already running on the client site.

To carry on this project , the database server will be one of the MS SQL server from the server room and client site with Access. The SQL server will accommodate the growth of the database and utilize the back up plan from the SQL server.

The finished project present to the client come with selection to different categories that user can used to enter in and out of all inventory records.

Followed are some screen shot for different input options:

We also add some search and calculating function on the input menu as followed:

This project takes about 2 months to finish and one more week for two sessions of user training. After the automations our client is now much more organized and efficiency on the production flow as well as raw material handling.

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