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Sonicwall Pro4060 VPN/ Firewall

The SonicWALL PRO 4060, part of SonicWALL's PRO Series Internet Security Platform, provides complete business continuity for even the most complex networks. Powered by SonicWALL's next-generation SonicOS operating system and powerful deep packet inspection architecture, the PRO 4060 delivers enterprise-class firewall throughput and VPN concentration. Unbeatable price/performance characteristics make the PRO 4060 the ideal solution for companies that need rock solid network protection coupled with fast, secure VPN access for remote employees.

Benefits Include:

  • Real-Time Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Intrusion Prevention
  • Real-Time Blacklist Spam Filtering.
  • Onboard Quality of Service (QoS) Features
  • Powerful Content Filtering
  • Multiple Interfaces per Security Zone

Next Step

Today's highly connected organizations move vast amounts of business-critical data across networks. The value of this data is extraordinary - as is the ability to move it quickly, reliably and securely. In order to maintain and safeguard business continuity these organizations must employ advanced features such as fast, secure VPN access, highly reliable network connectivity, powerful performance and flexible, scalable configurability.

The SonicWALL PRO 4060 provides hardware failover, WAN ISP failover and an automated secondary VPN gateway, ensuring continuous network uptime. Six configurable 10/100 Ethernet interfaces allow administrators to create multiple LANs, DMZs and custom-defined zones. The PRO 4060 also integrates gateway anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention and anti-spam capabilities for real-time protection against today's dynamic threats, making it the ultimate choice for robust internal and external security, network configuration flexibility and ease of use.

The PRO 4060 can be easily managed remotely as part of a multi-firewall and VPN environment through a Web interface or using SonicWALL's industry-leading Global Management System (GMS). This gives network administrators an economical yet powerful set of tools for rapid deployment, configuration, and management of global security policies from a central location.

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